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Test image using home made QFH antenna in the Apple Tree and ADALM PlutoSDR / SDR Console. (22/06/2020)

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Welcome to the Combe Raleigh Weather Station, based at The Old School.

The Station is based on the Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus and Wireless Envoy. Wind Instruments are located on the chimney mast on the roof, with the Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) mounted on a wooden post, at 1.5m above the front lawn. These sensors are UV, Solar, Temp Humidity and Rain Bucket. The Davis Wireless Envoy is then routed through a WeatherLink Datalogger and into a Dell Optiplex 7010 i7 Personal Computer.

The weather server is running Apache, PHP7 and MySQL as well as Weather-Display. The station is backed up with a UPS and battery backup for the Data Logger which also has memory for 30 days of weather data in the event of software failure / hardware outage. Weather Data is backed up externally in case of server crash. The weather software running the website is Weather Display which is configured to maintain the data and display it efficiently. These products are available from the WeatherSpares or TheWeatherShop. The website CMS is Joomla, and is used to maintain the content of the site. 

The station has been operational since 2006, where it was located in Ottery St Mary until December 2011 and then moved to Combe Raleigh from January 2012.

The Forecast functionality, which uses WXSIM, a local atmospheric modelling application provides accurate weather forecasting for the local area (-/+ 10 Miles). This software processes weather input from multiple sources and uses locally recorded data from the weather station database. The Accuracy of this software is continually being compared with the actual weather and is available from this site.

We have appeared on BBC One's Inside Out Programme in 2008, the Davis.net Newsletter and the Local East Devon Mid-Week Herald, as well as having many personal and companies looking at our weather records on a weekly basis.

Please visit the site regularly. Feedback is always useful, so please drop by with any comments or requirements and we will see what we can do !


This information is provided for information only, and is not designed to be an official source of meteorological data. Please do not make life dependent decisions based on this data.

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Last Updated: 8th February 2020

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