Project in Progress

After installing the OCFD, it was quite apparent that whilst it was getting out very well according to the Reverse Beacon Network, Hearing stations was still a bit of a struggle so with that in mind, a dedicated receive antenna was researched and whilst attending the DX Engineering Virtual Hamfest during lockdown, a discussion was had about Beverage Antennas and the BevFlex was mentioned as an alternative for those with small "Lots" who wanted a receive antenna at around 200ft.  The ability to switch between directions will also allow NW/ SE directivity for my station.

The beauty of the Bevflex, is two-fold. It has the ability to support smaller lengths, and can site the control point at any point in it's length, both areas that traditional beverage antennas don't have. It also uses inexpensive RG-6 75-Ohm coax as the element and shack feed with a last run of 50 Ohm into the receiver. For the FT-2000, that is straight into the RX socket, for the FT-847 it's more equipment to source for TX/RX switchover, a later task.


Unified Microsystems Bevflex-4X Kit

250m Drum - RG6 (From CPC) - 

8 x F-Type Coaxial Connectors and Boots (From CPC)

2 x 4ft Copper Earth Rods (From Screwfix)

Earth Connections (From Screwfix)

20 x Gallahger Multi-point Electric Fence Posts (From Mole Vally Farmers)

Assorted cable, Cable ties and sundries

The cable run is as detailed in my M1VPN Shack page, but essentially is curved and not straight. It's the longest I can go within the confines of the property, until I can speak nicely to the person who owns the woods ! I'm hoping the Gain Pattern is not too far from that direction as it's nicely NW / SE. I'm thinking the Reverse Beacon Network will also be quite helpful in testing this too.


The Build

The initial build requires the Fence posts to be laid out, and the coax spooled off for the length of the antenna run. Once that's done, its a matter of splicing into the centre where it best gives a short patch to the operating position, to then run 2 x RG6 to the Control Box. The Final tail will be Aircell 7 Terminated into a BNC for the FT-2000, with a BNC to UHF connector for the Tx/RX unit for the FT-847.





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