Contesting is either something you enjoy, or something you hate on the bands.

I can see why the thought of a 59 001 is not appealing, but for many operators the contest provides a real challenge to extract the full performance of a station to achieve that short QSO. There are settings, commands and controls on my station that would never get used otherwise and I also can use the contest data to check the models for my antennas, and how they perform. It's also quite good for the DXCC and WPX totals too.

If you are not into contesting, I'd just ask for some mutual respect when there is a contest on, and this works both ways. I've heard non-contesters abusing a contest station, and only wish I'd recorded it as the offending operator that was abusing is well known UK station on 80m. From the contester side, there is work to be done on splatter and over powering existing running stations without listening first, or ploughing through an established QSO. None of those things are going to help with tolerance.

The great thing about Amateur Radio / Hobby Radio is the unlimited subjects of interest. There is something for everyone here, be it building a station or buying a station, Chatting to like minded people, DX'ing or Contesting. Digital modes, Voice modes and of course, CW.

Results from Contests Entered

CQ WW VHF Contest

Awaiting Results

Single Operator, 6M Band Only, Low Power, Non-Assisted.

12 QSO's - Score : 132 Points



🏆 BARTG HF RTTY Contest (March 2022)

123rd (out of 327 in Section) - 16th in England

Single Operator, All Bands, 100w (running 50w)

198 QSO's, 64 DXCC, 5 Cont,

Score :  75,240 Points


🏆 EAPSK63 Contest (March 2022)

Single Operator, All Bands (50w Max Power)

184 QSO's, 47 DXCC, 58 EAP

Score 38,640 Points

Results - 16th World, 4th England - Score 36,668 Points


CQ WPX RTTY Contest (Feb 2022)

Awaiting Results

Single Operator, All Bands, Low Power + Classic Overlay (12h 27m Only)

307 QSO's, 223 WPX

Score 208,505 Points

Raw Log Scores - 11th UK, 267th Europe, 423rd World

🏆 BARTG RTTY Sprint (January 2022)

89th Place (out of 550)

Single Operator, All Bands, 100w (running 50w)

284 QSO's, 40 DXCC, 4 Cont, 

Score :  Claimed 47,712 Points, Confirmed 47,040 Points. (Error rate 0.7%)


🏆 SARTG New Year RTTY Contest - 2022 (1st January 2022)

53rd Place (out of 139) - 4th in England. 

52 QSO (8x40m, 18x80m Multipliers) 1352 Points 

Single Operator, All Bands, Low Power.


🏆 CQ WW DX Contest - 2021 (October 2021) 

Single Operator, All Bands, Low Power + Classic Overlay

616 QSO's, 40 Zones, 159 DXCC - 136,912 Points

5th (100) UK, 114th (1190) in Europe, 218th (2433) World

6th in Classic Overlay


🏆 UKEICC DX Contest 2021


Golden Log ! - No Deductions

56th Place Overall, 28th in Unassisted (all), 26th in UKEI, 19th in Low Power (all)

7th in Low Power, 12hr Section (all) - 5th in UKEI

Single Operator, All Bands, Low Power. 12 Hour Section.

174 QSO's - 60 DXCC, 43 Districts


DL DX RTTY Contest 2021 

Awaiting Results

Single Operator, All Bands, - 6 Hour, Dipole.

135 QSO's, 78,192 Points / 50 DXCC 


🏆 Ukrainian DX Classic RTTY Contest 2021 (Single Operator-All Bands-6 Hours-RTTY)

33rd - World, 4th - England

97 QSO's Recorded, 87 QSO's Scored

292 Points, 47 Multipliers. 13724 Total Points (89,7% Log Accuracy)

Single Operator, All Bands - 6 Hour

102 QSO's, 9,593 points / 37 DXCC, 16 Oblast.


🏆 EU PSK DX Contest - 2021

SO HP EU- 21st (2nd England)

Final Score - 43788 Points

133 QSO, 53 DXCC, 111 EU Call. Confirmed.

Single Op, High Power, All Bands


🏆 CQ WPX Contest SSB - 2021



5th in England (out of 106), (2nd out of 25, in England for Classic Overlay) Single Operator, All Bands, Low Power (Classic)

100th in Europe (out of 1343), 143rd in World (out of 2720).

585 QSO's, 360 WPX - Overall Error Rate - 3.0% (3.6%)


🏆 BARTG HF RTTY Contest - 2021

150 QSO's - 16,200 Points - 175th / 332 in SOAB 100w Section


🏆 UBA PFX PSK63 Contest - 2021


🏆 UKEICC DX Contest 2020

Final Score - 50th Overall, 18th in Low Power, 24th in UK/EI Section

129 QSO's - 37 DXCC, 43 Districts


🏆 CQ WW DX Contest - 2020

18th in England, 308th in Europe, 504th in World (Single Op, Low Power, All Bands  Unassisted)

405 QSO's, 110 DXCC - Overall Error Rate - 1.4% (2.7%)


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