The M1VPN Shack is based around Yaesu Transceivers, and has been built over the last 18+ years of operation.

Transceiver Equipment and Accessories ;

  • Yaesu FT-2000 - 160m to 6m HF Transceiver. (Home-base Radio)
  • Yaesu FT-847 - 160m to 70cm Transceiver, including 4m. (Home-base Radio)
  • Yaesu FT-857D - 160m to 70cm Transceiver (Portable and Mobile Radio)
  • Yaesu VX-2E - 2m/70cm Transceiver (Hand Portable/APRS)

  • ADALM-Pluto SDR - Remote SDR for Weather Satellites, Telemetry and experiments.

The FT-2000 is the main Phone modes radio, coupled to a Yaesu MD-200A8X microphone with a Yaesu VSPC and a Heil HC-4 DX Dream Machine insert in the spare bay. Additional outboard audio from Behringer Xenyx QX1002USB Mixer and an Audio-Technica BPHS-1 Broadcast Headset.

The FT-847 is the Digital modes HF/VHF and UHF radio, including 70Mhz (4m) supported by a Tigertronics SignaLink-USB, via the data port and AEA PK-232/Pk-900 TNC for AX.25 Packet.

All home base radios are switched through a Palstar AT-2K Tuner, connected to the external HF antennas.

My first non-Yaesu radio, a Kenwood TM-D700E is an excellent for VHF/UHF. The receiver performance is superb, and I've not really read the manual but will enjoy putting the TNC to use. This was going mobile, but I'm not letting it out of the shack now.

For QO-100, An ADALM Pluto based station has been built based on the may examples from fellow amateur radio enthusiasts. Further details, Here

Antennas supporting the home station are :

  • 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 15m, 10m - Hustler 6BTV DX Vertical (fed with DX Engineering VFCC H05 Balun) - See Hustler 6BTV
  • Offset Center Fed Dipole - OCFD home designed and built. (80m - 6m) - See OFCD Dipole
  • Solarcon A99 - WARC Bands and 10m.
  • Watson V-2000 Co-linear 6/2/70cm Vertical
  • 4m Folded Dipole Antenna
  • 6m Yagi 3-ele (To be replaced with 6m 4 ele LFA)
  • Unified Microsystems Bevflex-4X - Beverage on Ground

  • QFH antenna - NOAA Weather Satellites / VHF Receive

  • Motorised 1.2m Channel Master Satellite dish with Polar Track mount (53E to 30W)
  • 80cm Fixed dish with 4 x LNB - Sat TV/Radio (9E, 13E, 19.2E and 28.8E)
  • 80cm Fixed dish with POTY and Bullseye LNB - QO-100 (25.8E)

Antennas are fed with SSB Ecoflex 10 Plus Coaxial Cable and terminated in Ecoflex UHF and N-Type Connectors.


I have a mixture of software to support the station operation.

For Logging software I used Ham Radio Deluxe Version 4.1 up until Aug 2021, but on moving to a new PC, could not get the old software installed. I had been looking at Log4OM for a while so moved over to this software. It is more modern and has a lot of similarities to HRD 4, but the integration and control is vast. Getting my old HRD log into shape and ready for Log4OM took a week but it is now all working and I'm happy so far. I can recommend ADIF-Master as excellent software for sorting out your old ADIF files.

For contest work, N1MM+ is used and integrated into Log4OM.

For FTx modes, WSJT-X and GridTracker and integrated into Log4OM.

RTTY and PSKJ - FLDigi integrated with Log4OM for logging.

SDR - SDR Console for both ADALM Pluto and FT-847 via OmniRig for ISS SSTV tracking

Antenna Modelling - MMANA GAL


Other Equipment

Array Solutions AIM 4170C VIA Antenna Analyser

Llaves Telegraphicas Artesanas Straight Morse Key - Information

Custom CAT Serial Switch

RigRunner 4010 PSU Strip - Saved my equipment after my PSU went over-voltage. This is a must now. 


Locator Information

Current Home QTH (2012 - date )

  • Lat/Long : 50.48.53 N, 3.11.44 W
  • IARU : IO80jt
  • CQ Zone : 14
  • ITU Zone : 27
  • WAB Square : ST10
  • DXCC : 135

Previous Home QTH (2003 - 2011) - 50 44.930 N, 3 16.990 W - IARU IO80IR

Portable / SOTA Operations

The FT-857D is the main portable workhorse, and is used both portable when operating in SOTA and Backpackers, and as a mobile station coupled to a Yaesu ATAS-120A motorised antenna. This combination when configured correctly is excellent with the first contact after install being Brazil on 20m.

The following antenna's are used for portable operation;

  • 2m - Tonna 9-ele Portable Yagi Array
  • 2m - SOTA Beam 3-ele Portable
  • 6m - Moonraker 3-ele Yagi Array (modified for portable operation)
  • 4m - As 6m, but modified elements  and spacings.
  • 20m - Home-made SOTA Dipole (Pre-cut Inverted V configuration)
  • 20m - 40m - Home-made Doublet (Ladder-fed Inverted V configuration, tuned with SGC-211 Autotuner)
  • Yaesu ATAS-120A - mobile HF Screwdriver Antenna

Portable connectivity is via SSB Comms Aircell 7 or RG58U.

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