Outboard Audio Processing

Whilst not in pursuit of ESSB, I am trying to maximise my 3Khz transmit bandwidth with audio processing. I have chosen equipment based on performance as well as keeping the item count down to minimise the potential for RF pick-up into the audio. Starting with the Aphex Channel, which is widely regarded in the studio arena for vocal audio processing, using the Aphex patented Aural Exciter and Big Bottom. Additionally, the tube Pre-amp and Phantom Power provide a good base for the Rode NT-2A Condenser Microphone.

A Behringer QX1002USB Mixer provides level control and the ability to add effects to the audio stream, having Klark Teknik Multi-FX Processor on-board and a manual 3 band EQ for audio tailoring of other audio sources. USB Connectivity to the Shack PC allows the use of a spectrum Analyser on the audio chain and the ability to replay recorded audio back through the Transceiver.

An Orban Opti-Mod 9300 AM, which is expensive but a very performant device for AM Audio processing would be on the wish-list, but sadly beyond the station budget.

For Receive, a set of JBL Control 2P Active Studio Monitors, as recommended by Bob Heil are currently connected directly to the rear of the Yaesu, but with the intention of adding a receive parametric EQ at a later date, achieving a similar effect to the Heil PRAS. As with all Yaesu dual VFO Radio's, the 2 VFO's audio is split across the stereo channels.


Outboard Audio Components

Rode NT-2A Microphone

Rode SM6 Shock Mount

Blue Microphones Compass Boom

Aphex Channel Pre-Amp and Input Processor

Behringer QX1002USB Analog Mixer

W2IHY Inspired Homebrew Isolator Attenuation box

8 Pin Yaesu to XLR Custom Cable

Fair-Rite Ferrite Sleeves, Many of them !

JBL Control 2P and Slave Studio Monitors

Atacama Nexus 5i Speaker Stands 

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